The Essential building has 20 floors plus a roof terrace for 121 apartments plus common areas. It is located near Castilla Park, which is why it has very good connectivity due to its proximity to Salaverry, 2 de Mayo and Arequipa avenues. Esencial has obtained the MIVIENDA SUSTAINIBLE grade 2+ voucher, for which it has […]

Precursores 5

Precursores 5 is a project of Belgica Edificaciones. This 15-story building is a mix of housing with commercial area on the first level. It has 4 basements incorporating 30 parking lots for bicycles. Precursores 5 has been designed and will be built thinking about optimizing the use of resources during the construction stage and its […]

Precursores 4

Precursors 4 is a project of the company Belgica Edificaciones.The building is located in the most residential area of San Miguel: crossing the avenues of the Precursors and Escardo. The land has three fronts (Av. De los Precursors, Av. Escardo and Calle Mariano Valdarrago) this gives the apartments a good lighting and ventilation. (All the […]

Óptimo Ribeyro 950

The Óptimo Riberyro 950 project is the new proposal for residential buildings with sustainable characteristics from Los Alerces real estate. At SUMAC we are developing the CSS certification process and the EDGE certification, of which the preliminary certification has already been obtained with energy savings of 23 to 26%, water 46% and energy embedded in […]


Velnes 629 is a residential project of 8 floors and the first project with sustainable features of the Los Alerces Real Estate. The project has gray water treatment systems for reuse in irrigation, photovoltaic panels, green areas with an extension greater than 20% of land area, sun protection elements, materials with high reflectance in final […]