Suarez Multifamily

Residencial + Hoteles





Sector: Residencial + Hoteles
Área: 3667,6 m² // 39478 sqft.
Eficiencia Energética
Ahorro en consumo de energía
Ahorro en consumo de agua

The Suarez Residential Building is located at Calle General Suárez No. 739-743-747-751, in the district of Miraflores, province and department of Lima. The Suarez Residential Building is a residential building. It has 9 floors of housing plus a roof terrace, in addition to 3 basement levels and a level for cisterns and a pump room. The building has a total of 28 apartments with 1, 2 and 4 bedrooms, both flat and duplex types. The Project will have green terraces, bicycle parking spaces, saving taps and sanitary fixtures, a waste water treatment plant, reflective materials in outdoor areas and roofs, photovoltaic panels, LED lighting and good sustainable construction practices will be used. It is reiterated that the preliminary draft complies with ordinance No. 510 and amendment 539MM on a voluntary basis and its incentives, choosing the incentive CEPRES A. SUMAC is in charge of the LEED certification process and compliance with Ordinance No. 539-MM.