Alpaso Plaza

Corporate Offices





Type: Corporate Offices
Area: 8,689 m² // 93,528 sqft.
LEED® Certification
Savings in energy consumption
Savings in water consumption
Material with recycled content

SUMAC was the advisor for obtaining the LEED certification of the project, including energy modeling, fundamental and improved commissioning, as well as the measurement and supervision plan from the start of operation of the equipment that consumes energy.

Premium office building developed by “Construcciones por Colombia”, which hopes to promote a traditionally residential area of the city of Bogota. The project has a system for measuring automated energy consumption. In addition, it has a large terrace composed of green areas in which only native species have been used to promote low water consumption by irrigation. In addition, it has a rainwater collection system through the “lagoon”, which allows to reduce the consumption of potable water in the sanitary systems.

Alpaso Plaza provides offices with a very good interior environmental quality due to the consideration of the direction and intensity of the wind to provide extremely comfortable spaces without the need to implement a mechanical ventilation system in common areas.