Corporate Offices





Type: Corporate Offices
Area: 18,097 m² // 194,794 sqft.
LEED® Certification
Savings in energy consumption
Savings in water consumption
Material with recycled content

Belcorp, as a company committed to personal beauty and care for the environment, transmitted this philosophy to the design of its new corporate offices in the LEED certified building “Pardo y Aliaga” in San Isidro. The offices not only take advantage of the sustainable qualities provided by the building, but also take a step further by implementing a highly efficient lighting and ventilation system. The implementation of various control and automation systems allow BELCORP to generate significant savings in its operation, while educating its employees about the importance of caring for the environment and good internal environmental quality. All materials and finishes used in this project have recycled content or low content of toxic components.

SUMAC was the advisor for obtaining LEED certification of the project, including energy modeling, fundamental commissioning, as well as advice on planning of measurement and verification plan (M & V) and supervision during the construction stage.