Bloom Tower

Corporate Offices





Type: Corporate Offices
Area: 26,718 m² //287,590 ft²
LEED® Certification
Savings in energy consumption
Savings in water consumption
Material with recycled content

The project located in an urban area San Isidro district, Lima. Thus becoming a new business and commercial center thanks to the construction of various business buildings.

The building has considered implementing various sustainable design strategies such as the selection of efficient glass to optimize the performance of energy systems; emphasis on the use of natural lighting versus internal luminaires; selection of materials with regional and recycled content for their structure and interiors; among others.

The building also provides a green area on the roof where a landscaping design with a selection of low-consumption plants will be proposed, promoting biodiversity and interaction among the various occupants of the building.

SUMAC is the advisor for obtaining LEED certification of the project, including energy modeling, fundamental commissioning, as well as advice on planning of measurement and verification plan (M & V) and supervision during the construction stage.