British Institute

Education + Culture





Type: Education + Culture
Area: 7,589 m² // 81,687 ft²

SUMAC carried out the diagnosis of the interior environmental quality and energy efficiency of the Santiago de Surco headquarters of the British Institute. The diagnosis compared the most prestigious international standards regarding indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency. After the previous observations, the complete installation of the mechanical injection system of fresh air in the educational center was implemented and supervised to improve indoor environmental quality.

The diagnosis was based on the elaboration of comparative tables with respect to various standards of environmental quality and energy efficiency. Thus, energy modeling was carried out, and a detailed analysis of the Peruvian standards that every educational center must include. The implementation of the mechanical fresh air injection system was based on a design according to the site infrastructure and mechanical design standards. The entire installation of the whole system was supervised, concluding the work within the established deadlines with excellent efficiency.