Edmonton SET Station Gauger Lab






Type: Laboratories
Area: 38 m² // 414 ft²
Project Leadership
Construction Management

The South Edmonton Terminal (SET) Lab is utilized for testing of a multitude or petroleum products that are received at the main terminal in Edmonton, AB and distributed to points east and south to the United States. This was the 2nd lab designed and provided by our team. The lab houses five dedicated fume hoods for containment and testing of the petroleum samples that metered off the exterior pipelines for quality and purity testing. The Lab operates 24/7 in a high volume terminal adjacent to major incoming pipelines and the local refinery. Facility includes multiple pieces of testing equipment to test in accordance with Petroleum Testing Guidelines stipulated by API.Facility has CO2 fire detection and automated extinguishing system in the fume hoods, limited office space, and can house limited quantities of stored samples after testing. The lab has a variable air volume (VAV) HVAC system with 100% exhaust and recirculation and fresh air bypass capabilities. Lab has flammable gas detection systems, fire alarm system, and shunt trip capabilities when flammable gas is detected.Lab was designed with elevated floor level including all mechanical equipment, storage tanks, etc. due to heavy snowfall in the region. Lab was fabricated and commissioned off site and sent to the final assembly point and, re-assembled, erected and commissioned onsite.