Hatun Wasi // Mibanco

Office Spaces // Lima, Peru

Type: Office Spaces

Area: 8,000 m² // 86,111 ft²

The Hatun Wasi offices of Mibanco achieved the LEED Certified Level Certification under the Commercial Interiors category v4. This office is located in the Surquillo District in Lima, Peru. The offices present large glazed areas, for which we suggested implementing daylight sensors and blinds that avoid overexposure to the sun and improve visual comfort in work spaces. In addition, we sought to optimize energy efficiency through the installation of sensors and LED luminaires, which led to a 25% electricity consumption reduction when compared to a basic office design. Screens, laptops, projectors, fridges and other electronic equipment are Energy Star certified, accounting for 70% of the total equipment.

Similarly, due to the high number of occupants, emphasis was placed on reducing the use of water by implementing efficient sanitary equipment, achieving 35% savings in water when compared to a traditional office. The AC system follows ASHRAE standards and reduces the use of refrigerants and their impacts on the environment through the use of systems already placed in the building. 

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