Leuro Business Center

Corporate Offices





Type: Corporate Offices
Area: 65,445 m² // 704,444 ft²
LEED® Certification
Savings in energy consumption
Savings in water consumption
Material with recycled content

The Leuro building is part of a Master Plan, which is strategically located in two main avenues of the city of Lima, Benavides Avenue and Paseo de la República. The building has offices and commercial stores, which are very spacious because of the architecture designed for the final client. In addition, it has managed to implement more than 1,000 m² of green areas distributed between terraces and roofs, which benefits the users and the environment in several aspects. All the green areas have a landscaping design with low consumption plants and are watered with treated water, coming from the wastewater treatment plant in the building. That same plant allows supplying 50% of sanitary appliances, further reducing water consumption in the project.

SUMAC was the advisor to obtain the LEED certification of the project, including energy modeling, fundamental commissioning, planning and measurement plan verification (M & V) and supervision during the construction stage. As well as the enhanced commissioning service.