Lopez de Ayala

Residential + Hotels





Type: Residential + Hotels
Area: 1,300 m² // 13,993 ft²

The Lopez de Ayala building is a 4-storey residential project with 10 apartments located in the San Borja district, in the city of Lima, Peru. Currently, the design development stage is culminating considering sustainable strategies for the application of the EDGE certification and SUMAC Sustainable Certificate. The project will have parking for bicycles, sanitary devices and taps with low water consumption, drip irrigation system, low consumption lights, sensors and controls. of luminaires, products with no VOC *, optimal ventilation and natural lighting, among other characteristics. The interest in obtaining two certifications in the field of sustainable construction in a single project is at the initiative of V&R Inversiones Inmobiliarias, which seeks to differentiate itself from the market by reducing the environmental impact produced by the construction activity and, above all, to benefit the end user from savings. economic in the operation of the building.