T Tower

Corporate Offices





Type: Corporate Offices
Area: 32,689 m² // 351,933 sqft.
LEED® Certification

Prime 24-story office building developed by the company Imagina. Thanks to the excellent performance of the curtain wall and the installation of highly efficient equipment, the building is emerging as an energy efficiency icon. The building has chosen to implement a landscape project increasing the area free of interaction between the users of the building, protects and restores the natural habitat through the use of native plants.

The architectural design is designed so that 90% of the areas regularly occupied with offices and commerce have an outward view. For the construction of the building, materials from the region with recycled content have been selected. Likewise, the correct selection of paints, adhesives, sealants and coatings that do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) makes the indoor air quality in the offices optimal.

SUMAC is the advisor for obtaining the LEED certification of the project, including energy modeling, fundamental commissioning, enhanced commissioning, measurement and verification and supervision during the construction stage.