Villa Per Se // Kindergarten

Education + Culture





Type: Education + Culture
Area: 1,012 m² // 10,893 ft²
LEED® Certification
Savings in energy consumption
Savings in water consumption
Material with recycled content

SUMAC was the LEED advisor for this project. The stages of the work are divided into design and construction, including energy modeling, fundamental commissioning and supervision during the construction stages. In this case, we continue to work with the school since the new classroom buildings are being certified.

With a great awareness for the environment, this school has the philosophy of being 100% sustainable. For that reason it is looking for the LEED certification, which will be working on the largest number of buildings on the campus. It has a total area of 42,000 m² of which more than half are dedicated to gardens, parks, sports fields and a bio-garden. The facilities have excellent natural ventilation thanks to the height of the roofs, which allows you to avoid the use of air conditioning equipment.

They have lighting sensors in all spaces, however thanks to the natural light received by the interiors and due to school hours, the need to turn on the lights is almost nil. To encourage the use of bicycles by students and teachers, special parking spaces have been installed for these.