Urban Planning
+ Community Development

We create transformative urban environments that drive social vitality, economic growth and environmental sustainability.

The great challenge of our time is transforming communities and the social fabric of our neighborhoods. With more than 50% of today’s population living in cities, we have the opportunity to set governance structures and financing mechanisms for public and private assets to drive urban regeneration.

At SUMAC, we envision what is possible by classifying and valuing the urban ecosystem for planning. We gather data, evidence of existing services, and community assets, analyzing it for valuation and decision-making in the face of urban fragmentation.

By recognizing the critical role of urban areas, we bring tailored creative approaches to local needs to create sustainable and socially connected communities, resulting in transformative urban environments with a defined path for growth.

Featured Projects

Geneva July-preview

Geneva Apartments

Geneva, IL, USA

Huntley, The Old School Site

Huntely, USA


Quito, Ecuador


Quito, Ecuador

Popayán Trade Center

Popayan, Colombia

St. Charles

St. Charles, USA

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