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Our success is due to our local knowledge, technical diversity, and a passion for our work.

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What is "A new way"?

Our slogan is a call to action. It not only captures the way we see opportunities but the attitude we take towards them. Our slogan unites everyone at SUMAC under a shared vision and provides direction on how we grow and serve our customers.

Consume less.

Sustainability is the most important movement at this time. Through our leadership, purpose, and education we spread the importance of our belief.

Find and trace the path.

Where others see barriers, we see opportunities. At SUMAC we generate strategies to improve the way buildings are designed and constructed. We do not shrink from challenges and adversities.

Be local.

Although we are a multinational company, having local presence in the countries where we operate has allowed us to be successful. Knowing from first hand the markets and communities is key to offer a service according to the local needs.

Do it.

At the end of the day, planning is important, but action is what produces results. We do not hesitate to open new markets or innovative projects. It’s “the SUMAC way”.


SUMAC began as a Chicago construction firm in 2002.

Although we have grown considerably from our beginnings, building houses in Chicago. It was those experiences that gave us the experience to enter new markets. Today, we are simultaneously designing and building projects in Miami, Chicago, Antofagasta, Buenos Aires, Lima, and other cities throughout the Americas.

The reach of SUMAC throughout the Americas allows us to help cities that are facing the problems that come with growth. We are committed to ensuring that infrastructure and future development meets the need of expanding populations and economies. We provide strategies that maximize efficiency and meet the demands of the market.


President // Partner

Roy Donoso

Vice President // Partner

Ronald Dean

Ron Dean has experience as an architect and contractor in both Illinois and California with an emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency.

Ron’s professional responsibilities have included: architectural design, construction management, energy audits, commissioning, project management, and construction supervision. Ron manages programming, structuring agreements, technical specifications and delivery of projects in multiple projects in the United States and Latin America.


Manager Peru

Carlos Bueno

Carlos has several years of work experience in the financial industry in Peru and the United States, currently, Carlos is responsible for the operations of the Peru office.

Sales // Architecture Assistant

Diana Blondet

Diana is a bachelor in architecture and has experience as an architecture and contractor assistant in Lima Peru, with an emphasis on research, management, design, and sustainability. Her professional responsibilities have included: architectural design, elaboration of 3D views, budgets, measurements and, junior resident.

Diana has a diploma in Architecture and Environment endorsed by the University of Salamanca and the OAS. She is the founder of the blog Vida Saludable Consciente.


Cinthya Martinez

Administrative Coordinator oriented to teamwork.
Cinthya has experience working in companies in the construction industry for more than 5 years. She works in the SUMAC team developing administrative management and collaborates with the accounting area regarding the coordination of payments, inventories, and billing among other tasks.

Chief Operating Officer

Catalina Morales

Chemical Engineer and Environmental Engineer graduated from Universidad de Los Andes Bogotá, Colombia. She currently serves as Operations Manager of SUMAC in Colombia. Catalina has over 8 years of experience, high knowledge in the country’s sustainable construction market and is accredited as a LEED Green Associate professional.

She also works as an expert advisor in the construction and development of projects so that they can obtain benefits offered by the Colombian Government to sustainable and energy efficient buildings.

Manager Colombia // Partner

Juan Rivera

Juan is a civil engineering professional with a master’s degree in Construction Management.

Juan has extensive experience in public procurement, management and project management, sustainable construction (LEED certification – EDGE), productive and administrative processes thanks to his more than 15 years as an entrepreneur.

Sales // Business Development

Gracia Roldan

Gracia has more than five years of experience in the field of construction. The passion for sustainability and healthy living has led to motivating people to follow this line of life and encourage sustainable construction.

Due to this, SUMAC has participated in giving the beginning of the world of sustainability to different real estate projects of housing, retail, and offices.

Sales Manager // Marketing

Lupi Ruiz

Lupi has been working in the construction industry for 10 years, focusing on sustainability from the beginning. She was part of the team that formed the Green Building Council in Peru until its consolidation.

Lupi has been part of SUMAC for 7 years in the sales team, providing assistance to all our clients according to their needs. In addition, she manages the constant contact to ensure satisfaction with our services and visits to different companies making talks according to their needs.

Business development // Marketing

Gonzalo Sánchez

Gonzalo belongs to the SUMAC team since 2019 in the area of ​​marketing and business development where he has been collaborating with the marketing team in different projects and campaigns. He is also responsible for other tasks such as defining, designing and implementing solutions and advising clients.

Gonzalo speaks English fluently and is passionate about entrepreneurship with which he has won several awards, including one at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in 2018.

Marketing // Graphic Design

José Zapata

José is a graphic designer with more than 7 years of experience working for different clients with different business areas.

Passionate about illustration, fashion, and art, José brings the best of his experience to the SUMAC team day after day.

Project Management

Project Director

Luis Carreón

An architect by profession at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences with a postgraduate degree in Construction Management and an MBA from the UPC.

Luis has extensive experience in the evaluation and management of construction projects. He led real estate projects nationwide, participating in the negotiation and acquisition of real estate assets with operating cash flows. In addition, Luis has experience in management with municipal, rural and associated associations.

Constructor Field Supervisor

Jorge Gastelú

Civil Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in infrastructure projects of great importance in the field of hospitality, retail, industrial plants, buildings and mining with experience as a work resident.

Construction Engineer

Renzo Rabines

Renzo is a person with solid integral formation in leadership, initiative, responsibility, communication, punctuality, effectiveness and with clear goals.

Renzo is a dynamic person with the ability to work in any area that is assigned to him.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

Luis Alvarado

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer by profession from the National University of Engineering (UNI), with a postgraduate degree in Project Management, Maintenance and Quality at the same university. Luis has a lot of experience in construction, project management and remodeling of the public and private sector in Peru, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.



Vanessa López

Graduated architect from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP). She has 7 years of experience in advising on LEED certification processes, as well as in sustainable architecture. Vanessa has LEED AP BD + C, O + M accreditations and is EDGE expert.

She also has a specialization in Project Management and is part of the LEED International Roundtable team in Peru since its inception. She is passionate about languages, fluent in French and English.


Lorenzo Villoslada

Lorenzo has been part of the SUMAC team since 2013. He has been working as Project Manager in the development of projects that seek LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), in Ecuador and Peru.

Lorenzo has participated in corporate projects, interior commercials, universities, housing in both the private sector and the public sector. Lorenzo speaks English and French at an advanced level.

Architect // Project Manager

María Paz Otero

Maria Paz is a specialized architect in sustainability. She completed a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Sustainable Habitat, she is also a LEED Certified and participates in several projects in Argentina and Chile.

Paz has experience in architectural design, project manager, construction administration and energy audit. María Paz took sustainability as a life project, from the side of teaching and research at USAL. She also makes her own natural products at home to avoid chemicals.


Jaskran Kalirai


Kate Troutman

Kate is an architectural designer with experience in commercial, educational, and dwelling projects, as well as research, in the United States, Europe, and Ecuador. Having received her post-graduate education in Architecture and Historic Urban Environments, she has a special interest in adaptive reuse.
Kate’s responsibilities include the design, development, and documentation of projects.  

Leslie Berdiales

Collegiate architect with specialised in Bioclimatic Design from the University of Cardiff in the United Kingdom. Account for the LEED AP ID + C accreditations, EDGE expert and auditor.

Her responsibilities and experiences include architecture, development of real estate projects, and consultancy in bioclimatic design, sustainable certifications such as LEED and EDGE in various projects, including state institutions, corporate buildings, buildings for rent or sale, colleges, universities, department stores and shopping malls .


Ana Cristina Muñoz

Ana Cristina is an Architecture professional specialized in Sustainable Design and Construction. She has international technical experience in LEED, EDGE, Project Management, Architectural Design, and Urban Development processes in Latin America, the United States, and Europe.

Ana Cristina’s professional responsibilities include the coordination, administration and sustainable development of multiple large-scale projects in the United States and Latin America.


Estela Samamé

Estela completed post-graduate studies at the University of Navarra in Pamplona – Spain, where she developed the specialty of Environmental Design and Management
thanks to the “President of the Republic” scholarship obtained in 2017.

Estela’s experience as an independent architect-led her to found a non-profit association that promotes the construction of inspiring recreational spaces
for children with efficiency and low cost, which earned her a recognition from the National University of Engineering (Peru).



Dante García

Dante has been part of the SUMAC team since 2012, working from the Peru office in projects throughout Latin America. His responsibilities and experiences include energy auditing and energy modeling in projects of various types.

It should also be noted that he has participated as a speaker in several courses and talks on sustainability and certifications.


Héctor Garzón

Garzón has experience as an Engineer in the design and construction phases in both Colombia and Venezuela, with an emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency.

Hector’s professional responsibilities have included: mechanical design, commissioning and technical consulting for residential and commercial buildings that seek LEED and EDGE certification systems. Manages programming, performs design reviews, monitoring during construction, commissioning and delivery of multiple projects in Colombia.


Gianmarco Gutierrez

Gianmarco belongs to the SUMAC team since 2017 in the engineering area where he has been carrying out energy reviews and commissioning in several projects of different types, including corporate and retail offices.

Gianmarco is fluent in English and Italian and is passionate about mathematics, for which he has participated and won several competitions.


Alejandro Morales

Alejandro has worked professionally in the field of civil engineering, working in consultancy for sustainable construction projects. He has also developed activities in the course of his experience as technical supervision on site, advice on designs and sustainable construction as well as project management.

He is currently an accredited LEED AP BD + C professional and is part of the technical team providing advice to different projects in Colombia on sustainability issues such as integrated process, architecture, use of water resources and waste management during the construction of others.


Diego Saavedra

Diego has been part of the SUMAC team since 2015, working from the Peru office in projects throughout Latin America. His responsibilities and experiences include energy audit and energy modeling in projects of various types.

It should be noted that he has also been a speaker and attended various courses and lectures on energy efficiency, sustainability, and certifications.


Nilkar Santamaría

Engineer Santamaria has experience in more than 25 LEED certified projects in Colombia and Ecuador as a commissioning agent and advisor in energy efficiency and interior quality.

The professional responsibilities of Mr. Santamaria are the coordination of projects that seek LEED certification, provide energy consultancies to project teams in search of economic and environmental benefits. Nilkar also provides support during all the stages of the project so that the electromechanical systems are installed in the correct way.


Edwin Alvis

Student of the tenth cycle of the specialty of Mechanical Engineering in the upper third of the National University of Engineering.

Edwin is ready to develop his skills in the area of project management, specializing in energy analysis, energy modeling,
commissioning and electrical engineering studies in general. Edwin has an advanced level of English.


Tomás Sahuaraura

Electrical engineer with experience in buildings of various types, including shopping centers and offices.
Tomás has great leadership skills and the ability to integrate and work as a team, providing creative solutions by applying engineering techniques and tools.

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