Water Footprint

Conserving water, a limited natural resource.

Our planet contains more than one million trillion gallons of water, but only 1% represents freshwater. Water footprint calculation measures the consumption of this resource in the production of goods and/or services, and its goal is to reduce it.

Identifying your water footprint generates cost savings by leveraging alternative sources of water supplies and raising awareness of its rational and responsible use.

Water Footprint

How can you calculate your Water Footprint?

Water Footprint Calculation quantifies the consumption of freshwater (H2O) along with its compensation. These are perfectly applicable to the company’s operation, product and/or service, applied to the local regulations and to the ISO 14046 standard.

The Water Footprint Calculation service includes:

Carbon Footprint

Our Carbon Footprint Calculation service adapts to your objectives and we design a solution that best suits your needs.

Our Services

We provide multiple solutions to measure, analyze and reduce your drinking water consumption according to international standards and local legislation.

Organizational footprint

This service will help you understand the sources of freshwater (H2O) consumption in all your company’s operations, facilities and processes.

Product footprint

This service will allow you to understand the sources of freshwater (H2O) consumption at different stages of the product’s lifecycle, taking into account resource management and the manufacturing process.

Service Footprint

This service will help you understand the sources of freshwater (H2O) consumption during the different stages of the service in an integrated manner since it involves the company’s associates, suppliers and ends consumers.

Identifying your water footprint is the first step in establishing measures to help optimize freshwater consumption.

How can you reduce your water footprint?

The Water Footprint Reduction service consists of an action plan where policies and strategies are proposed to achieve different goals, gradually reducing the consumption of freshwater (H2O).

The plan is based on the needs resulting from the Water Footprint Calculation and will be adapted to the requirements and objectives of each client applied to local regulations and ISO 14046 standards.

The Water Footprint Reduction service includes:

Carbon Footprint

Our Services

We provide a sustainable Action Plan in time and adapted to your needs to reduce drinking water consumption and thus reduce your Water Footprint.

Water Footprint Reduction Plan

This service is provided after identifying your Water Footprint Measurement, and consists of a plan of strategies to reduce it, with the ultimate goal of reducing the consumption of drinking water.

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