Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling, is the virtual simulation of your building.

Performed to determine and estimate building energy consumptions, life cycles costs of energy related items, air conditioning systems, lighting and hot water usage.
Energy Modeling can be performed early, during the design phase of a project, as a part of an integrated design process. The energy model will serve as primarily a decision-making tool by comparing various scenarios in a building design to help achieve energy and cost savings.

At SUMAC we believe Energy Modeling accounts for all systems within a building and examines their impact. We will help your project be more energy efficient and save you money.

Energy Efficiency Modeling Benefits

By predicting energy use, energy modeling helps to determine the best possible integration of systems. This, in turn, points to building operators toward optimal strategies to enhance overall building system performance. SUMAC offers energy modeling services for both newly constructed and existing buildings.

Prediction of Building Energy Consumption Patterns
Tracking of Historical Building Energy Consumption Patterns
Third-Party Recognition (if results meet eligibility requirements)
Operational Forecasting, Operational Budgeting
Convenient Web-Based Platform

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