Owner’s Representation

Our versatility allows us to successfully complete your projects.

We bring the ability to communicate and connect effectively with our clients, and their stakeholders. 

Our experience allows us to represent our clients no matter the complexity of the project.

SUMAC is dedicated to working closely with each of our clients to develop a strong business relationship in order to meet your needs and achieve the highest level of satisfaction.


Planning & Design Phase

Pre-construction Phase

Construction Phase

Substantial Completion


Our basic tier is recommended for those clients with sufficient experience and capacity to manage a project. This level of service includes remote support with monthly meetings and on-site reviews to ensure that the project moves in the right direction and that the execution is adequate.

Our intermediate tier is recommended for clients who require more monitoring but who have their own supervision team. It consists of a combination of both remote and on-site assistance several times a month in order to assist in project management, consulting, and general benchmarking of the project’s progress.

Our highest tier, which is recommended for clients who do not have experience in construction or who have few resources at hand to carry out the management of a project, offers permanent assistant throughout all phases of project development and features representation on site.

Our experience in both, international and local projects, gives us a deeper understanding of the diverse cultures and locations where we manage projects, allowing us direct teams and communicate with them effectively.

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