Industrial + Supply Chain

We understand how to deliver flexible industrial and supply chain facilities solutions that can adapt to future needs.

SUMAC delivers distribution, e-commerce, warehousing, cold storage, food production, and manufacturing facilities that best fit your operation’s unique requirements. Whether you need a million square foot build-to-suit warehouse for a large multinational or a small facility for your family-owned business, SUMAC’s approach ensures your facility is in tune with your current needs and into the future.
Our team of architects, engineers, and construction professionals is capable of delivering to you high quality, cost-effective solutions needed to be competitive in your industry, recognizing your confidentiality and business practices throughout the process. We bring expertise to a broad range of projects, including long-term planning, design for new facilities, facility expansions, renovations, and retrofits for diverse environments and project types.
SUMAC has experience in Distribution Centers, and Heavy Equipment Facilities.

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