SUMAC Sustainability Certificate

CSS makes your building one of the most well-rounded green buildings

The CSS certification encompasses the common denominators of the most solicited green building certifications at a local level which encourages energy savings, sustainable construction practices and access to special lines of credit.
This certification makes you stand out within any market, implements innovative and realistic savings strategies, and benefits investors by leveraging incentives.


Given SUMAC’s extensive experience in the Latin American market, we realized that many of the available green building certifications were not always targeted or able to be applied to our Latin American realities. As a result of this awakening, in SUMAC, we decided to develop the “SUMAC Sustainability Certificate”.

The CSS encapsulates the common denominators of the most solicited green building certifications at a local level that encourage energy savings, sustainable construction practices, as well as access to special lines of credit for developers and buyers. With CSS SUMAC aims to build sustainability for everyone.

Differentiator in the local market

CSS serves as a differentiator for developers to highlight advantages when compared to others.

It generates tangible economic
savings for users

By using CSS, you can obtain considerable money savings, thanks to the reduction in water and electricity consumption and access to special financing options.

Benefits for investors

CSS benefits investors by taking advantage of incentives offered by local governments and banks to promote sustainable construction.

CSS is applicable to
Comercial Projects

A sustainable commercial space has the benefit, apart from savings in energy and water consumption, a higher level of customer permanence, due to improvements in internal comfort, which results in higher sales.
Commercial projects such as offices, retail, indoor commercials, restaurants and shopping centers are the ones that fit for the application of the SUMAC Sustainable Certificate for commercials.

CSS is applicable to
Residential Projects

Residential projects that seek to differentiate themselves from the market may choose to make sustainability a marketing tool that will accelerate their occupancy due to the savings benefits that are passed on to the end user. For all types of residence, family, multi-family and / or high density, the SUMAC Sustainable Certificate for residence is applicable.

CSS is applicable to
Industrial Projects

Given the high consumption of resources in the operation of industrial plants, savings in energy and water consumption are of primary interest to them. Likewise, these plants generate a quantity of waste that can be used on site or in other places. For this type of buildings there is the SUMAC Sustainable Certificate for industries.

Categories of the
SUMAC Sustainability Certificate






Certification levels

Level A+

70-100 Points

Level A

50-69 Points

Level B

40-49 Points

Level C

30-39 Points