Commissioning (Cx) & Enhanced Commissioning

We ensure that the systems and equipment are running efficiently making your building more energy efficient.

Commissioning (Cx) is a comprehensive and systematic process to verify that the systems of a new building perform as designed to meet the owner’s requirements.
Our approach is to form a cooperative commissioning team involving the owner, design team, general contractor and appropriate sub-contractors to create effective, efficient, high performance buildings.

Commissioning by SUMAC is a structured process to verify and document that applicable building systems meet the design intent and owner’s operational requirements.


Lead and organize the fundamental commissioning process for the building systems as required by LEED and following ASHRAE standard practices.

Serve as a technical resource for the design and construction team for the Commissioning process.

Create a Commissioning Plan that describes the objectives for the project and identifies the schedule and procedures necessary during construction to verify compliance.

Prepare a final commissioning report including deficiency reports and test results.

Commission the building’s systems per the approved commissioning plan.

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