CSS Certification

Certificado Sustentable SUMAC

Certificado Sustentable SUMAC (CSS)

It is a system of certification created by SUMAC based on local sustainable guidelines. The strategies used are derived from the certifications of LEED and EDGE along with the standards of the EPA and ASHRAE.

CSS is applicable to residential and industrial projects

Categories of the SUMAC Sustainable Certificate

Sustainable activities and behaviors

The objective is to improve the quality of life, encouraging not only comfort in the internal and external areas of the project, but adopting measures that respect the environment during and after the construction process.

Hydro Sustainability

Optimized reduction of water consumption through sanitary equipment efficient landscaping and detailed measurement of consumption.

Interior Comfort

Our approach is to ensure that the minimum performance of the air quality is executed during the construction and completion of the project.

Sustainable Materials

Evaluation of materials intended for construction. Promotes the purchase of regional materials. Additionally, encourages the recycling of construction materials and waste from the occupants of buildings.

Sustainable Environment

Parameters associated with soil, location, protection of biodiversity, among others, are taken into account.It is responsible for controlling the environmental impact of the project.

Energy optimization

The objective is to achieve a reduction in the load of interior lighting under international standards. The spaces where the investor has decision-making power are taken into account and improvements are considered for the final customer within the plan.

What are the types of SUMAC Sustainable Certification?

The SUMAC Sustainable Certificate is divided into 4 types, each of which has subcategories, which individually focus on achieving sustainability standards.


Existing Buildings

Urbanization and Condominium


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