Fitwel Certification

Focused on human well-being

Fitwel is the world’s first health certification system to optimize the design and operations of residential, office and commercial buildings with a focus on the health and well-being of their occupants.

What are the benefits of Fitwel?

  • Cost-effective alternative to similar rating systems
  • Improve occupant health, wellness, and productivity
  • Increase tenant (and employee) attraction and retention
  • Raise the capital value of your asset(s)
  • The evidence-based strategies are continuously evolving with the latest research
  • Provides a benchmark that you can use to measure and demonstrate care for your occupants/employees

Health Impact Categories

Fitwel’s Seven Health Impact Categories:

Requerimiento comunidad Certificación Fitwel

Impacts Surrounding Community Health

Icono de amor Certificación Fitwel

Reduces Morbidity and Absenteeism

Requerimiento igualdad Certificación Fitwel

Supports Social Equity for Vulnerable Populations

Requerimiento bienestar Fitwel

Instills Feelings of Well-Being

Icono de salud Certificación Fitwel

Enhances Access to Healthy Foods

Requerimiento vista Certificación Fitwel

Promotes Occupant Safety

Requerimiento estadísticas Certificación Fitwel

Increases Physical Activity

Certification Process


Register a project to the Fitwel Portal


Choose the appropriate Fitwel pathway and associated scorecard


Create and archive historical snapshots of your responses to the Fitwel Strategies


Upload required documentation to show how you’re complying with the selected strategies


Fitwel’s Certification Team reviews a project, and sends comments for the project team’s review and response


Fitwel’s Certification Team designates the project with a numerical score and associated Star Rating.

Certificación Fitwel

Fitwel Scorecard Strategies

  • Location
  • Building Access
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Entrances and Ground Floor
  • Prepared Food Retail
  • Vending Machines and Snack Bars
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Stairs
  • Indoor Environments
  • Shared Spaces
  • Water Supply

Fitwel Star Ratings

SUMAC can help you obtain any of the three levels of Fitwel certification:

Certificación Fitwel 2 estrellas

90-104 Points

Certificación Fitwel 1 estrella

105-124 Points

Certificación Fitwel 3 estrellas

125-144 Points

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