LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

We have experience throughout the Americas

“Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”

SUMAC has experience throughout the Americas in consulting for LEED certification – the most widely used green building rating system in the world. A LEED certification can improve a company’s image, reduce energy and water consumption, and reduce the environmental impact of your project, improving future environmental conditions. LEED certification analyzes buildings through nine categories covering all of the aspects of design and construction. SUMAC can help you meet any level of LEED certification.

What are the benefits of being LEED certified?

Reduce consumption and costs

You will have a building that consumes less water and energy, decreasing your overhead costs

Improve the image of your company

Project your company as socially responsible.

Reduce the environmental impact

Improve future conditions.

Categories and credits

LEED groups its requirements in the following categories:

Integrative process
Materials and resources
Energy and atmosphere
Indoor environmental quality
Innovation in design
Water efficiency
Sustainable sites
Regional priority
Location and transportation

Levels of certification

SUMAC will help you obtain any level of LEED certification

40-49 Points

50-59 Points

60-79 Points

80-110 Points

Centro Empresarial Miraflores IV

Lima, Peru

ONE Johnson & Johnson

Bogota, Colombia

University of Miami, School of Architecture

Miami, USA

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