COPROTAB Cooperativa de Productores Tabacaleros

Industrial // Salta, Argentina

Type: Industrial

Area: 70,000 m² // 753,473 sqft.


Savings in energy consumption

SUMAC conducted an energy audit to identify potential savings and measures to improve the plant’s energy performance, prioritized according to the cost-benefit ratio.

COPROTAB has managed to collect more than 50% of the Tobacco Virginia of Salta, which corresponds to an approximate 23% of the total of the country. In an area of 24 hectares, COPROTAB dedicates not only to the collection of tobacco but also to the primary processing and commercialization of the same. In addition to providing them with inputs, products, instruments, and machinery.

Finally, it should be noted that COPROTAB is the largest Salteña company with local capitals in the province.

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