We create sustainable architecture that improves the way people live, work and learn.

From SUMAC’s beginning, our mission has been to explore approaches to constructing buildings in a new and more sustainable way. This philosophy influenced our approach to architecture. SUMAC is a full-service sustainable architecture firm that ardently believes in the importance of infusing sustainability into every step of our process. We recognize buildings are a part of the natural, organic environment and work to enhance that connection.

Our promise to each of our clients is to give a personalized working relationship. SUMAC believes that sustainability doesn’t simply begin and end with energy efficiency. With each of our projects we ensure that we cooperate with the local community to ensure that our designs work for all parties involved.

We understand a plurality of architectural philosophies.

We understand a plurality of architectural philosophies. Our team has studied and trained across North and South America and Europe. SUMAC’s architectural style is influenced by our multicultural background and our collective appreciation for nature. Our buildings fluently integrate into the environment, respecting its surroundings. Today, we utilize our architects’ expertise and experience alongside our sustainable philosophy to simultaneously design and manage development projects across the globe. 


Since 2002, SUMAC has been helping our clients create beautiful, sustainable buildings and spaces. In this time, we have assisted clients from educational institutions, government, Fortune 500 companies, hospitality and healthcare providers. 

SUMAC believes that a dialogue between client and architect is the foundation of a successful design process. One of our signature sustainable architecture projects is the LEED Gold certified Quito Publishing House which maximized energy savings while incorporating sustainable benefits from start to finish.

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Each of our projects begins with the conceptual phase. During this phase we start drafting concept sketches and creating 3-D models of the building. We move into the schematic designs stage when we begin to think about the building’s design, how it will impact its environmental footprint and how the design can complement the community’s existing aesthetics.


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The next stage of the process is design development. This is when we determine how the building must be engineered in order to function as planned and we ensure our sustainability goals are met in the building’s site, energy and water systems. This stage then transitions into the technical and engineering drawings for the construction bidding, applications and approvals necessary for a building permit.

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Lastly, SUMAC offers construction support and administration for all of our clients. We review the construction work on the project and provide our clients detailed reports on challenges, solutions, and the progress of construction.

In addition to sustainable architectural design, we also offer our services as a Sustainability Consultant to assist with LEED and EDGE certifications, and can manage the full development with our Owner’s Representation service.

Jazz Kalirai

Head of Architecture at SUMAC

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Third-party certification is a great way to add credibility to any green building.

SUMAC has enjoyed a consistent presence as a leader in sustainable architecture for many years. We take pride in striving for the highest sustainable practices and partnering with people and organizations around the world to shift our industry for the better.


Toni Dairy Plant

Guayaquil, Ecuador


Quito, Ecuador

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