We create architecture that improves the way people live, work and learn.


Through our local knowledge and global vision, we design efficient, attractive and functional buildings. We create sustainable spaces adapted to the needs of our clients, with whom we share an interest in design, technological innovation, and environmental responsibility. We offer a personalized and creative architecture service through a multidisciplinary team that works every day with the conviction that sustainable architecture is not a fashion, but a construction criterion based on responsibility and commitment to the client and the community. The communities we serve in turn become our communities, and we strive to build long-term partnerships within them. 

For us, providing architectural services means much more than consulting with the client and designing an ecofriendly building – it also means creating a useful space for the structure’s occupants and integrating that space into the community. We believe that a project’s design can have a great impact on everyone interacting with it, and therefore, we take our commitment to cutting-edge design with useful structure very seriously. We are aware that fluid and collaborative communication is essential to design the building that best suits the economic, aesthetic and functional requirements of the client. 

We are characterized by our technical training and our excellent relationship with customers. Being open to new ideas, flexible and knowing how to listen are some of our fundamental values ​​as architects. Our design process is interactive and transparent. We work with our clients at all stages of their project in order to provide a cohesive and global design. Before starting the design process, we meet with our clients to conceptualize and set goals for the project. We present them with different visualizations of the project to include them in the decision-making process. At the end of the design phase, we process all the necessary documentation and coordinate with the engineering specialists to integrate our design with the areas involved in the construction.

Jazz Kalirai

Head of Architecture at SUMAC

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"We combine the talents of our extraordinary team to respond to spatial challenges at all scales, in local and global environments." - Jazz Kalirai

Banco General Rumiñahui

Quito, Ecuador

Toni Dairy Plant

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Our architects have extensive architectural design experience across the Americas. Today, we are simultaneously designing and managing projects in Miami, Chicago, Antofagasta, Buenos Aires, Lima, amongst others. SUMAC has managed over sixty million square feet of space in more than seventy cities.

Each project responds to the specific and unique needs of our customers, whether the property is residential, commercial, public spaces, education, cultural, hospitality, retail, or industrial.

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