Panorama Plaza de Negocios

Office Building // Lima, Perú

Type: Office Building

Area: 123,004 m² // 1,324,004 sqft.


Savings in energy consumption


Savings in water consumption


Material with recycled content

The building is made up of two large towers of premium offices and a commercial area located in the first levels. It is characterized by the quality of its common areas, which mainly highlights the vegetation, which is present throughout the project and has been carefully designed taking into account the use of low-consumption native plants, as well as technified irrigation systems. All the vegetation in the project is irrigated entirely by water recovered from the lavatories of the offices.

This is possible thanks to the large gray water treatment plant installed in the basement of the building, which not only treats water for irrigation, but also provides the water necessary for the operation of the toilets in the building.

SUMAC provided advice to obtain LEED certification from the design stage of the building until the end of construction, developing all the processes required by the certification program such as: computer simulations during the design stage to evaluate the project’s energy performance , presentation of the file to the GBCI (Green Building Certification Inc), among others.

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