Primera Visión

Office Building // Lima, Peru

Type: Office Building

Area: 20,500 m² // 220,660 ft²


Savings in energy consumption


Savings in water consumption


Material with recycled content

The Primera Visión building in Lima, Peru, is an 18-story office building designed by the Allende Arquitectos studio. The building’s rooftop counts with a landscaping project, including a selection of low water consumption plants and an efficient irrigation system that does not utilize potable water to function. The building’s architectural configuration allows 90% of the areas regularly occupied by offices and shops to have an exterior view and receive natural lighting.

The building’s facade’s design allows daylight to enter while minimizing the solar radiation that the building may receive, reducing the use of air conditioning systems. SUMAC was the advisor for the acquisition of the LEED Gold certification for the project, including energy modeling, fundamental commissioning, enhanced commissioning, and supervision during the construction stage.

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