Quito Publishing House

Office Building // Quito, Ecuador

Type: Office Building

Area: 7,589 m² // 81,687 ft²


Savings in energy consumption


Savings in water consumption


Material with recycled content

SUMAC worked on including sustainability and energy efficiency criteria on the building, including the consultancy on energy efficiency in the architectural design, as well as the energy modeling, commissioning, as well as the installation and startup of all building systems equipment.

It is worth noting that Jazz Kalirai, now with SUMAC Architecture, was the architect for this project, today one of the most energy efficient buildings in Quito.

One of the main characteristics of the building are its facades louvers; they act as shades to reduce the solar gain in the building and are also integral part of the architectural design.
SUMAC the LEED certification consultant for this project, which achieved the LEED Gold level certification.

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