Energy Modeling

We help our clients identify which system is best for their building and understand the total cost of ownership while complying with utility and municipality rebate programs.

Energy Modeling, short for Building Energy Modeling, is the virtual simulation of a building. Performed to determine and estimate building energy consumptions, life cycles costs of energy relate items, air conditioning systems, lightning and hot water usage.

Energy Modeling can be performed early, during the design phase of a project, as a part of an integrated design process. The energy model will serve as primarily a decision-making tool by comparing various scenarios in a building design to help achieve energy and cost savings.

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At SUMAC we believe Energy Modeling Energy modeling accounts for all systems within a building and examines their impact each, we will help your project will be more energy efficient and save you money.


Preliminary Energy Modeling

In this preliminary stage, the impacts of the building’s orientation, the shapes and placement of the glazed surfaces are analyzed. The analysis will focus on the size, location and orientation of the glass opening of the space, the properties of glass materials, as well as a preliminary assessment of energy systems.

Energy Modeling II

Based on the design and specifications of the air conditioning + lighting + equipment + envelope systems, the second energy simulation is carried out, corroborating the efficiency of the strategies implemented and defining the development of the building systems.

Energy Modeling III

During the final stage, a final simulation with all the technical details of equipment and project materials will be performed. A report on the energy behavior of the project systems will be developed, reflecting the savings obtained by the strategies implemented in each building system according to the equipment selected for the installation.

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