Torres Cincuentenario, Lima University

Education // Lima, Peru

Type: Education

Area: 36,603 m² // 393,991 ft²


Savings in energy consumption


Savings in water consumption


Material with recycled content

Commemorative project for the 50th Anniversary of the university. The project consists of two twin towers that are born from a common underground level, which has been covered by a large expanse of green roofs, which undoubtedly will be the great attraction of this project.

Additionally, the project has sought maximum optimization of its equipment, with very low consumption taps, high-performance electromechanical glass and equipment, and a very efficient lighting system.

SUMAC started the consultancy of this project when the design stage was almost finished. However, the decision of the university to opt for LEED certification and to make the changes that were necessary for the project to be adapted to the LEED requirements were fundamental to achieve a highly-successful project.

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