Tottus Comandante Espinar

Retail // Lima, Peru

Type: Retail

Area: 12,600 m² // 135,625 ft²


Savings in energy consumption


Savings in water consumption

The new Tottus Comandante Espinar Supermarket located in the district of Miraflores in Lima, Perú, applied for the LEED NC Retail v4 certification and got it by  implementing various sustainable strategies such as efficiency in lighting, presence sensors for lighting, sanitary appliances with low water consumption, native plants with drip irrigation, materials with high reflectance in floors and ceilings.

In addition, for the start of operations, a cleaning by air injection was carried out in order to eliminate air contaminating particles that could enter during the work. During the construction, plans for the management of construction waste and control of pollution, erosion, and sedimentation were executed.

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