Government Facilities





Type: Government Facilities
Area: 17,238 m² // 185,549 ft²
Savings in energy consumption
Savings in water consumption

Flagship building of the National Council for Science, Technology and Technological Innovation that has a very innovative design characterized by a large external metal structure that highlights the technological and innovative character of the institution.

Not only does this project look innovative, it really is. It has green roofs on almost 100% of the project’s roofs, as well as a large gray water recycling plant, which recycles the project’s water not only for irrigation, but also for the operation of sanitary devices. The project has incorporated a large number of LEED certification criteria and hopes to obtain the highest possible score. SUMAC has advised the owners and all those involved in the project on the necessary requirements, some of which are still under evaluation.

The advice given by SUMAC included several aspects, such as advice on energy efficiency through energy modeling, Commissioning and supervision during the construction stage and during the installation and testing of the equipment installed in the building.