Residential // Lima, Peru

Type: Residential

Area: 1,300 m² // 13,993 ft²

The Martorell Building is a great example of sustainable living in Peru, offering not only considerable savings on energy and water consumption, but also providing a design thought to increment the quality of life of its occupants.

Among the outstanding sustainable qualities of the building, there is the architectural design which minimized the glazing area of the facades to reduce the heat gains in the building, as well as taking the most of natural ventilation and daylight. The highlights of the building implementation are the efficient lighting design, low flow water fixtures and sustainable materials with less environmental impact within their life cycle. It should be noted that the building is perfectly located in a district that offers the greatest number of services in terms of sustainability to the neighbors. The Martorell building also incorporated features such as landscaping with native plants and bicycle parking.

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