Alcanfores Multi-family housing

Residential // Lima, Peru

Type: Residential

Area: 2,321 m² // 24,983 ft²


Water consumption savings in sanitary appliances and faucets

Volterra group’s Alcanfores multifamily building has complied with the Municipality of Miraflores 510 Ordinance, for which it had to fulfill the Technical Code of Sustainable Construction of Peru and other municipal requirements.

Among the most outstanding sustainable features of the project are on-site waste segregation, planted trees in 50% of the gardens, native plants, parking facilities for bicycles, a green roof, sanitary appliances and faucets achieving 30% of water savings compared to conventional ones, and a domestic wastewater system to treat water for reuse in toilets and irrigation.

In regard to energy efficiency and consumption, the building has a dual solar and gas water heating system, efficient lighting and appliances that meet the technical standard for efficiency.

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