Precursores 4

Residential // Lima, Peru

Type: Residential

Area: 7,354 m² // 79,158 sqft.

Precursores 4 is a residential development launched by Lorenzo Salas, owner and general manager of Belgica Edificaciones, and the first building to receive the SUMAC Sustainability Certificate.
Lorenzo has always been very clear about his desire to provide a product that is within reach of families that want to live in a better building, without necessarily spending an exorbitant amount of money.

The Precursores 4 building has 15 stories and is located in the residential area of the San Miguel district in Lima, at the crossing of the Precursors and Escardo avenues. The lot has three fronts (Av. Precursores, Av. Escardo and Calle Mariano Valdarrago), which provides the residential units with excellent lighting and ventilation; all the bedrooms and the rooms in each unit have street views.
Some key features of the Precursores 4 residential building include solar panels, insulated windows (rare in Lima), water drip watering irrigation of green areas, water saving plumbing fixtures, sensor lighting, and basement parking for bicycles, encouraging the use of alternative transportation.

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