Residential // Lima, Peru

Type: Residential

Area: 3,700 m² // 39,826 ft².


Savings in energy consumption


Savings in water consumption


Material with recycled content

The project NATURAL is a residential building in the district of San Borja, Lima, which obtained the EDGE pre-certification by showing 23% energy savings, 49% water savings and 41% energy savings in the production of building materials. In regard to its architecture, the facade is covered by vegetation, generating fresh air and a layer of protection against the sun, in addition to quality views for its users. The proper amount of glass was selected to control for natural light and solar radiation, providing greater indoor environmental quality.

The building has LED lights in outdoor areas, reducing energy consumption. High reflectance materials were chosen for the roof of the building, minimizing the heat island effect and providing greater comfort. High efficiency devices for water consumption were also implemented.

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