Precursores 5

Residential // Lima, Peru

Type: Residential

Area: 6,012 m² // 64,716 ft²

Precursores 5 is a residential, 15-story building with a commercial area on its first level. It has four basements levels that include 30 parking spaces for bicycles.

Precursores 5 has been designed and will be built thinking about optimizing the use of resources during the construction phase and its entire useful life, maximizing economy and comfort. These goals will be achieved through the inclusion of the SUMAC Sustainability Certificate (CSS), EDGE certification and Bono MiVivienda Sostenible (Peruvian standard).

The building will include solar panels, apartments equipped with LED light fixtures, low consumption faucets and sanitary appliances, mini-rooftop and will integrate sustainable materials will be used during construction.

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